Terms of Service

All terms and conditions that are connected to the usage of this website are a part of this agreement. In case you want to engage with the content on the website including the services and applications, pay special attention to the terms. Therefore while using the website and its pages, you accept all the restrictions that come with these terms and conditions. Not abiding by them may prevent you from accessing the website or take advantage of its information or other types of services.

Modifying the Terms and Conditions

This agreement can be modified by us at any time without notifying you. Since the latest version of the terms and conditions is always uploaded on the website, it’s your duty to read through it before starting to use the site and its features.

Usage of the Website

You have the opportunity to post advertisements, offers, and quotes and even buy and sell things. However, you are obliged to stay away from the following acts: 1) using the features and services on our website even though you are not able to make agreements for binding that are lawful or you are still no more than eighteen years old or you are permanently or shortly not allowed to access and take advantage of our services, tools, products and features, 2) publishing content that is not in an acceptable category or part of our website, 3) collecting users’ private details, 4) managing the products’ prices or interfering in sale listings of other users, 5) publishing information that is deceiving, fake, libelous, incorrect or inaccurate, 6) doing something that will result in damaging the rating.

Information Connected to Registering

In order to finish the registering procedure successfully you should provide your full name, the address of living, an email address that is accurate and current, a member’s name and any other further details that are needed for signing up. It’s important that you are eighteen years or above and are capable of keeping your password secure and understand everything that’s posted on your account. You are not allowed to send any malware or viruses or otherwise damage the website.

Using the Website in a Non-Commercial Way

People that have registered on the website are prevented from taking advantage of the site for their commercial benefit. This includes linking to other websites no matter if they are competing with our site or not. Juridical individuals, organizations, businesses and/or companies cannot sign up and use this website for any intentions.

Responsibility Restrictions

There are absolutely no representations or guarantees connected to the program and the things that are sold with it. These include without constraint, guaranteeing health, no infringements, merchantability or any other guarantees of the whole performance of the program, managing problems or usage of businesses. As for the representation, we aim at making no representation whatsoever that’s connected to our site’s process being free of errors or undamaged. Moreover, we won’t be held accountable for possible errors or interruptions.

Intellectual Property Legal Rights

With this, you accept to abide by the rights, pursuits, and brands that are legal and consist of, but are not restrained to benefits secured with the legal rights of intellectual property to and on the website. You will not acquire a particular name, curiosity or right to or on the site unless it’s fixed in this agreement. Changing, converting, modifying, decompiling, reverse engineering taking down or making an attempt to obtain a code of a source program from any type of our services, certification or program or trying and succeeding in creating alternative services or products by accessing the program or associated private information is not allowed.


You accept that you will not give away details and information that you have gotten from us and from our marketers, clients, sellers, and members of the boards for discussion. All information given to you by a user of any program is completely private. These details are secret and ought to not be exposed. The poster agrees with this and doesn’t remake, promote, share or otherwise commercially use the private information in any way.

Not Assigning the Rights

Assigning or transferring the rights that are legally yours to someone else may possibly result in terminating this agreement. We won’t be legally accountable for that. Opposite of that, we attain the right to assign this Agreement to another user whenever we want without a notification.


If the site is not capable of ensuring that the terms, conditions, and covenants function properly, that won’t be marked as a waiver or relinquishment of the website’s solutions or rights. Other violation of the conditions, terms as well as covenants won’t be taken as waiving, either. These will continue functioning in full force and effect.

Clauses of Severability Concerning the Terms and Conditions

When the measures of these terms and conditions that are preventive are considered unacceptable in accordance with a lawful degree, those preventive measures will be considered to function just to the extreme degree that is permitted for lawful reasons. The remaining conditions and terms will go on being accurate, legal and ready for enforcing pursuant to the terms.

The Entire Agreement

The control and interpretation of this specific agreement are entirely up to the regulations in the UK with no conflict-of-laws. The entire agreement relating to both you and our site is identified by and involved in this agreement. It surpasses every previous arrangement, guarantee, representation and understanding connected to the site, its content, and features provided there as well as the material that is a subject to this contract.

Legislation and the Lawful System

Possible disputes, disagreements, and distinctions that may occur, regarding this contract are irreversibly and instantly given to the courts that hold the authority in the UK except for any other types of lawful courts without having an effect on their regulations and rules or the country or state that you reside in.