Privacy Policy

The goal of this Privacy Policy is to monitor how this website collects, uses preserves and presents information given by all users. This specific Privacy Policy is applicable only to this site and the features and services it provides.

Personal Information for Identification

There are multiple ways through which we are able to collect the users’ personal information connected to the sources, services, features or options that are offered on our website. Visitors have the chance to come to the site secretly. Only when they give us their details by their own will we will accept and collect them. Users are free to refuse to share their private information for identification, with the exception of the possibility of stopping them from taking part in the website’s pursuits.

Information for Identification That Are Not Personal

We are capable of obtaining users’ identification details that are not personal during each of their visits. They usually consist of the name of the Internet browser, the type of computer used as well as more complicated details related to how users connect to the site, the Internet providers, the OS and other similar information.

Registration Details

Users need to give their full name, their current residing address and email address, a member’s name and any other details needed for a successful completion of the registration process. According to the conditions, you should be at least eighteen years old and are required to keep your password and username safe as well as be liable for everything that is published on your account. Therefore, you are not permitted to produce and spread malware or viruses or any similar codes that may damage the site. All of the material that you provided and the one gathered by us or other firms while you were using the website falls under the terms and conditions of the privacy settings.

Cookies of the Internet Browser

It’s possible for the website to implement cookies in order to make the experience of the users better. The Internet browser of the user fills the hard disc with cookies with the aim to satisfy the requirements for keeping records and tracking their details. However, the user has the option to optimize their browser to reject the cookies or send you a notification whenever the cookies are being sent. Just have in mind that some of the site’s parts may not operate as they should.

Why We Collect the Details

The personal details of the users can be obtained and used for:
- Improving the support of the customers – by giving us your details, you give us a chance to address your needs connected to the customer support and assist you more efficiently.
- Helping the users to customize their experience – the provided details and facts will be used together so that we could understand how the users use the sources, services, and features on the site.
- Making the website better – we will take your opinions and thoughts into consideration in order to improve the products or services further.

Protecting Your Information

Protecting your details against access that’s illegal, disclosure, modification or damage is a serious matter to us. That’s why we develop features and processes for gathering, running and storing the information as a precaution of the possible dangers. We secure your personal data, your username, password, details related to your financial transactions as well as the other details posted on our site.

Sharing Your Personal Information

Advertising, selling, buying or leasing our users’ personal information to others is something we are absolutely against and never do. We may present common data collected from the market, but that is not connected to the private identification details of the clients and visitors to the website, to our marketers, promoters, and partners.

Third Party Websites

Our site has marketing and advertising material that is related to the sites of our sellers, marketers, licensors, advertisers, associates and similar third party sites. We are not responsible for the content and procedures that are a part of the websites linking to and from our site. Moreover, the content and links that are included in these sites and their services are up for regular changes. They may own procedures connected to customer support and privacy policies that are only theirs. Discussing and exploring other websites like the ones that link to our website, falls under the procedures and terms of those sites.

Encountering Advertisements

Clients and visitors may encounter advertisements by our marketing partners, who may put cookies. These cookies allow the server hosting the advertisement to recognize your device whenever they send you advertisements online in order to collect information, which is not associated with your identification or identity, about you or the one operating your device. Thanks to these data the advertising systems have the chance to send advertisements that are targeted and are relate to your preferences. The treatment of these cookies by the marketers is not a part of this specific privacy policy.

Modifying This Privacy Policy

We keep the right to make revisions to this privacy policy without notifying you. After we do that we will update the date placed on the bottom of this page. Therefore, we encourage the users to keep an eye for any possible changes to the site and check it regularly so that they can be well acquainted with the way we are protecting the collected personal details. You should agree and understand that it is your duty to come back to this privacy policy and read about the modifications.

Accepting These Conditions

You accept the terms of the services and this privacy policy by visiting and using the site. Please stop using the site in case you don’t endorse this policy. If you continue utilizing the website after the modifications that have been made to this specific policy, then you will automatically accept the changes.

Contacting Us

You are free to contact us via the contact page whenever you have any questions about this privacy policy, the site’s procedures or the deals you have with us.