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We take the copyrights of the users very seriously, so we are strongly against any violations and the use of content that’s copied. For this reason, users are encouraged to let us know whether some owners of the copyrights is using unauthorized files, allowing us to prevent the violation.

We created a form that our clients can fill in online in order to help us do our job efficiently. But in case some of the fields are left empty or filled incorrectly, we won’t have a chance to protect the rights of the clients and do something against the unlawful files.

Also, you can stay in touch with us through email, postal mail or facsimile by contacting the agent for DMCA mentioned below. In the form, you should include information such as the specific copyrighted files that you say were copied.

If more files are copied, you have to list all of them with the correct description of the content and the place from where it has been stolen including all the needed details for promptly locating the files. Aside from this, the form should consist of the URLs of the sites that originally have the content.
We should be given the full details of the user that filed the complaint. They include the full name, number for contact as well as an email address. That way we will be able to reach out to them. The one complaining should provide a declaration stating that they are completely sure that the files which are the subject of the complaint are truly unauthorized by a legal body.

Another declaration should be given saying that all the details shared in the form are accurate and in case they’re pronounced guilty, the complaining clients will be up for a sanction if the files are not genuine.

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